What We Do

IT Auditing


Highstream is here to help you get the most from your technology.

An IT audit highlights risks relating to resilience and security concerns which are critical to your organisational growth and success. Highstream will visit your premises to inspect your IT systems, interview key staff and review processes. From this we will establish where any risks may lie, advising on best practice and opportunities for enhanced efficiency and security.

We will then present our findings back to you, highlighting risks and outlining the current position of your IT infrastrucutre. The report will also provide strategic recommendations that could be made to ensure your systems are aligned with your future business goals.

What's included?

Our IT Infrastructure services include

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    Existing Systems & Process Audit

    Our expert consultants will visit your premises to evaluate the performance of your existing IT setup against relevant standards and best practices.

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    Audit Report

    We will present our findings back to you and provide strategic recommendations.

Who is it for?

We believe an IT Audit helps SMEs to build the right foundations for future business growth and success.

It will help to outline where you can reduce the risk of costly and damaging IT security breaches and reduce the risk of interruptions to your business operations. We will use our significant experience to assemble services in line with your strategy to make your business more agile and able to support emerging technologies.

Why work with us?

Highstream Solutions provide a unique range of benefits

  • Microsoft Partner

    As a Microsoft Silver Partner, we have a proven track record in delivering first-class IT support to our customers.

  • Support Scalability

    As your business grows, you may need greater levels of IT support. Our flexible support plans allow us to prioritise your requirements.

  • Trusted Team

    You will have direct access to a team of friendly experts who can add real value to your business. No need to worry about staff retention, illness and holidays.

  • Remote Support

    We understand the need to react quickly and fulfil most of our customer’s support needs remotely.

Case Studies

Success Stories

Highstream completely took the reins with this project – as well as taking the stress away from my job – and have truly delivered for us.
Sue Wigfield, Director of Legat Owen