Client: Porta Tapas

Industry: Hospitality

Services: Consultancy around improvement of connectivity, both for staff, back-office systems and guests at Porta Tapas on Northgate Street in Chester. This resulted in installation of new and re-configuration of existing infrastructure elements.


When brothers, Joe and Ben Wright, opened their first restaurant, Joseph Benjamin, in 2006, the customer experience was focused on the excellence of the food, the quality of service and the friendly ambience.  Located in a characterful building within the historic walls of Chester, customers simply enjoyed their meals within the relaxed setting and with minimal stress.

Fast forward a few years and not only has the business evolved and expanded into three relaxed tapas bars in Chester, Altrincham and Salford, but technology has moved on apace too.  The business was suffering from connectivity issues which not only affected the new ordering and payment systems, but the customers too!  They were beginning to demand an internet connection for remote working opportunities – and access to Instagram!

“Everything had changed and we had reached the point where a good network was no longer a ‘nice to have’ and ‘optional’ – it had become a necessity in order to continue to provide an aspirational experience for our customers.  As well as the customer service side of the business, our till system and ability to process card payments needed to be upgraded too.  We had managed for as long as we could with ad hoc updates but we needed input from someone who knew what they were doing.  Luckily, we were working with a firm of electricians who recommended the Highstream Solutions team,” commented Ben.


Paul and the Highstream team assessed all the business’ network areas in order to identify issues and bottlenecks.  The building, although beautiful and full of character, had quirky spots which simply did not receive any network capability.

“We recommended a much improved satellite Internet connection and refinements to the existing WiFi infrastructure,” said Paul.

“We installed, configured and tested new satellite equipment and improved and replaced tired network cabling.  We also revised the WiFi network configuration within the premises.  Our focus was to ensure that the serving staff are able to roam around the restaurant without losing connection,” Paul continued.

“I am delighted to say that the result of our work has been a much improved service for staff and guests alike – and we have improved the overall experience for those visiting the restaurant,” Paul concluded.


Ben’s summary of his experience working with Highstream –

“We thought we simply needed a team who could install new equipment to ensure we were ticking the right boxes, but we had not realised how much broader the expertise at Highstream would be, which enabled us to take all the relevant steps in the right direction.

“When you do not know or understand what you want or need, you just want someone to grasp the problem and find a solution.  That is precisely what Paul and the team at Highstream did.

In this situation, trust is all-important.  Finding someone you can trust to take on board your pain and solve it for you is wonderful.  Paul is one of those people who you quickly realise will make your life easy.  He cuts through the technical jargon and explains everything thoroughly and simply without being patronising.

I would highly recommend Paul and the Highstream Solutions team.  Paul is really friendly yet professional and makes you smile.  He listened to the brief and went into great detail on his proposal which proved he had been listening and understood our issues from the beginning.  Sometimes, I find I can sit in a meeting and expect a proposal from a company that reflects the contents of the meeting – yet it is surprising how often I wonder if I was in the same meeting when I receive the proposal.  My experience with Paul was the exact opposite.  I thoroughly enjoyed working with him and genuinely had a great experience.  I look forward to working with Paul and the team on more projects in the future.”

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