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Microsoft Teams; introducing Walkie Talkie

Given the current situation, more and more people are working remotely, meaning that Microsoft Teams is becoming a great solution for many businesses around the country. Teams has a host of benefits that will help boost the productivity of your workforce and allow for improved remote working.

At Highstream, many of our clients utilise the Microsoft suite in the everyday running of their business, but many of them aren’t using it to its full capabilities.

Leading on from my last post, How to Manage your Workforce’s Time and Attendance with Microsoft we at Highstream are working to communicate the capabilities available to you on the Microsoft Office suite.

One such tool is the introduction of Walkie Talkies. Traditionally, walkie talkies have played a significant role in warehouses allowing cross-team communication in real-time. Soon, the Microsoft Teams mobile app will include a push-to-talk experience providing clear voice communications over WiFi or cellular, turning employee or company-owned smartphones into walkie talkies.

Better than their traditional counterparts, Teams Walkie Talkie will work across geographic locations to connect team members. Available during the first half of this year, businesses can reduce the cost of provisioning separate devices to their operational workforce, consolidating many employee communication and management functions into one smartphone.

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