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How to Manage your Workforce’s Time and Attendance with Microsoft

At Highstream, we provide tech solutions into two of our core industry sectors – logistics & warehousing and manufacturing – and we’re very aware of the challenges around accurately capturing time and attendance of the operational workforce.

A lot of the clients we work with use Microsoft for a lot of their operational programmes including Excel, Word and Outlook. However, by signing up to a Microsoft license, you’re also signing up for a host of other benefits, including Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Teams is a platform that encapsulates the whole workforce and is constantly evolving. Teams comes as part of existing Office 365 licensing, and as part of its capabilities, can be used to record attendance, breaks and manage shift work. From the executive team to the operational frontline – and more specifically – shift workers.

The platform comes with a mobile clock in and out function, called Time Clock, where users can manage their work time through their own mobile or a company phone.

Specific locations and places of work can be identified and geofenced, authenticating clock-in and out interactions that happen within these areas. And – more importantly – highlighting those which do not. (This avoids employees clocking into work from the sofa at home!)

No more queueing for the time clock at shift change time, and no more loss of productivity. To learn more about how Microsoft can help you, email us directly on