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How technology is helping manufacturers come out of COVID stronger

By Paul Williams, Director Here at Highstream Solutions, we have a history of working with manufacturing businesses. An industry that’s going through rapid change as the fourth industrial revolution gains mo...

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Highstream celebrates its record month of invoice revenue

By Paul Williams, Director Despite the difficulties of the past few months, I’m proud to say that we have reached a milestone here at Highstream, with August being a record month for invoice revenue. It...

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What’s new in Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams has become a bit of lifeline for businesses who have adapted to remote working. With numerous video conferencing services available, Teams has really had to up its game in terms of service deliv...

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Remote recruitment: Five tips to virtually onboard new starters

COVID-19 and the ongoing effect it is having on remote and home working has meant that we’re approaching things in new ways.  Despite many people worrying about long-term job security, there are still m...

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Returning to on-site work: 4 online tools to help keep your workforce safe

By Paul Williams, Director Following the announcement last week that on-site work may now resume, we are seeing many of the country’s workforce in the manufacturing, construction and engineering indu...

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The future of remote working: will we miss it and is it here to stay?

By Paul Williams, Director Who would have thought that it would take a global pandemic to change the universal opinion on remote working for the better? And how did we cope without Microsoft Teams before? ...

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Managing a business through a global pandemic: my experience so far

By Paul Williams, Director We first became aware of a possible need to adapt to the changing coronavirus global situation late in February 2020. We implemented our business continuity plan (“BCP”) and starte...

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IT advice for furloughed employees

We at Highstream are still adapting to this new way of life, as I’m sure you and your businesses are. I think I speak for all of us when I say, that we are very fortunate to have the technology at our fingertip...

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Cybercriminals can work remotely too; how to keep your cybersecurity at the top of its game

By Paul Williams, Managing Director With an increasing number of people working from home at the moment, we can expect an increase in the number of cyberattacks and scams. For many of us, the daily commute h...