Thought Leadership

Keeping your data safe from cyber-attacks with a Cyber Essentials certification

Years ago, a “cyber-attack’ would’ve sounded like something that only happens in a sci-fi film, but nowadays, being cyber security savvy is more important than ever. The lasting results that a cyber-attack could have on your business and data are endless, but there is a simple, cost-effective way of identifying potential risks and priority issues.

The Cyber Essentials certification is a government-backed scheme that assists businesses in mitigating the risk of a cyber-attack from common internet-based threats. It entails a set of processes that businesses have to demonstrate and consequently maintain in order to gain the certification. Completing a Cyber Essentials accreditation will mean that you and your business are protected from such threats and also sends a positive message to your clients that you are doing all you can to keep their data safe.

We hold our own Cyber Essentials Plus accreditation because we recognise the importance of protecting not only our own, but also our valuable client’s data. Thanks to this certification, we feel safer in the knowledge that we have implemented adequate controls to prevent a cyber threat, and proactively respond to one, if necessary.

Two of our team members, Simon and Phil also completed the GCHQ certified Cyber Essentials Consultancy training and assessment, equipping the Highstream team with the tools needed to protect your IT against potential cyber threats.

If you’d like advice on how to gain your own Cyber Essentials accreditation, or want advice on how to keep your data safe from potential cyber threats, get in touch with one of the team: | 01244 952 500