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5 mistakes businesses make when moving to a new office

When moving to a new office, the relocation of your IT systems and equipment must be a top priority. Without careful planning and consideration, your business could suffer from reduced productivity or even the loss of important data if things don’t go seamlessly.

We’ve put together our top five mishaps we find companies going through when planning an office move, so you can ensure minimal downtime and maximum productivity and hit the ground running from day one!

  1. Leaving everything to the last minute

Make sure your IT systems are fully operational on the first day of business in your new premises. Evaluate what equipment can be moved early and what must be done at the last minute. It is important to do a recce of your new offices to ensure that the cabling requirements are met. Ask yourself; are there enough power outlets? Are there enough phone lines? Where will the printer be plugged in?

  1. Not sweating the small stuff

It’s vital that you plan properly for your new space, as the smallest detail can have a huge effect on the smooth-running of the first few days at your new office. Ensure that you have the correct structured cabling system and that your power and data connections have been placed in right spots. It’s also important to make sure your wireless network covers your whole office, ensuring that guests also have secure wireless internet access.

  1. Carelessly packaging equipment

Don’t be careless with your equipment! IT equipment is tricky to transport as it can be easily damaged. Ensure any staff involved in the move are briefed in the correct way of disconnecting and moving equipment – it’s often more complex than simply unplugging a computer!

It will also make life easier if you get your cables labelled up to avoid any confusion (and to avoid a mess of assorted wires and cables for someone to untangle).

  1. Keeping hold of outdated equipment

Don’t ignore ageing equipment – moving is often a great time to consider asking yourself if you have any devices that need a refresh and to question if everything is performing as it should be.

Can some older IT systems or equipment be retired or replaced? Moving locations is a good opportunity to give your network infrastructure a full re-evaluation and update any old equipment to ensure you’re working at full capacity. The installation of new equipment at your new premises while still utilising existing kit in the old office will also help ease the transition considerably.

  1. Trying to do everything yourself!

It’s one you’d expect us to say, but also an important consideration. At Highstream, we can help you with all of the above! We offer a bespoke service allowing you to hit the ground running when you move into your new office. We have experience of moving businesses from small offices to multi-million-pound operations with minimal disruption and will be able to ensure that your move is as stress-free as possible.

Our team at Highstream offers a variety of services to ensure your IT system and equipment are modern, reliable and cost effective.

From design specification to installation, we can be involved in every step of your journey to new premises in order to ensure your IT system works for you and your business. We also offer an IT support desk service, meaning one of our experts is always at the end of the phone for any technical needs if you need us!

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