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Is your business Cyber Essentials certified?


The Cyber Essentials certification is a government backed scheme launched in 2014 to encourage businesses of all sizes to focus on general cyber security awareness and protection measures.  

There are two levels to the certification:

  • Cyber Essentials accreditation involves businesses self-assessing their security posture and completing a questionnaire, which is then independently verified. This option shows you how to protect your business against a wide range of the most common attacks. By removing your vulnerability to these simple attacks, you become less of an easy target for cyber criminals.
  • Cyber Essentials Plus takes this one step further; whilst the protections you need to put in place are the same, an accredited third-party assessor is invited to validate and verify information security is present within the business’ core management and operating procedures.

In our experience, it’s often the small and medium sized businesses who benefit the most from going through the fundamental Cyber Essentials assessment questions. Time and budget are often scarce in such businesses, but Cyber Essentials forces management to focus on the security fundamentals. There are many quick and easy wins to take from the process which increase a business’s protection immensely. 

Benefits of being Cyber Essentials certified: 

  • It shows your customers that you take data security seriously, and you are actively working to prevent cyber security attacks
  • It can help to attract new business who require a certain level of IT security in place
  • People are often an organisations biggest security weakness, by being Cyber Security certified you are more aware of the potential dangers and can educate your employees to be vigilant

We aim to support organisations within a range of sectors, and most recently we have worked with LCA Group to achieve their fourth Cyber Essentials Plus certification. 

Engineering and manufacturing businesses such as LCA Group tend to have specific IT challenges, interconnectivity of high-tech manufacturing equipment, critical availability of technology systems to keep production moving and significant focus on keeping intellectual property secure.

The threat of cyber-attacks is constantly increasing and it’s essential that as a business we are prepared to deal with these threats. Cyber Essentials Plus ensures we have an externally audited and government accredited system of protections in place, allowing our network and data to be prepared.  

Over the past year, as the majority of the LCA Group team have been working from home for their own safety; we have increased our baseline security principles and added additional layers of protection, for example MFA for all users.

Our customers trust us with their data, and we take security seriously which makes this work with Highstream Solutions vital to be able to operate today.” 

Alan Sheppard, Managing Director at LCA Group.

When working with new customers it can be beneficial to embark on an initial Cyber Essentials assessment during the early stages of our involvement as this sets out a clear path of activity which addresses fundamental security concerns and allows us to build technology on a strong foundation.

However, for further accreditations we would always advocate Cyber Essentials Plus, regardless of the organisation size. The involvement of an independent assessor and the depth of testing that takes place not only validates the work we do but gives our clients complete confidence in the measures which we have put in place for them. 

If you would like to determine how strong your current IT cyber security defences are we are offering all new enquiries a FREE Health Check. You are also welcome to contact us to discuss the Cyber Essentials certifications and how we could support you.

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