Client: Tiger Trailers

Industry: Manufacturing

Services: IT Infrastructure, Network Design & Installation, Structured Cabling, IT Security


Tiger Trailers wanted the migration of their IT systems into a brand new 168,000 sq ft facility in Winsford to be as seamless as possible.


Back in Summer 2018, the team was brought in to audit Tiger’s existing IT infrastructure and to onboard the then 45-strong Tiger office and administration team onto Highstream’s full IT and end-user support service.

In the early phase of works, remote Helpdesk support was supplemented with Highstream’s experienced engineers on-site presence two days per week.  During these early phases, the Highstream team carried out a strategic review of the new facility plans, as well as designing and planning the installation of all of Tiger’s key technology requirements, including:

  • Cutting edge Internet connectivity
  • Design and layout of the IT suite, including power and cooling
  • Design of the cabling system, which included 200 data points strategically placed throughout the facility
  • Building the local network infrastructure, including the segregation of individual manufacturing, office and guest networks
  • Installing wireless network coverage throughout, including external yard spaces
  • The integration of access control and security systems

Ahead of completion of the new facility building works, Highstream set to work on the migration of all of Tiger’s users from its legacy email system onto Office 365 as well as the planning and installation of a wireless network link between Tiger’s old and new premises to allow for a smooth transition across sites.


With the Highstream team working at the facility during the company’s Christmas shutdown, Tiger Trailers staff logged out of their computers in their old building on Friday 21st December 2018 and logged in at the brand-new facility at 8am on 2nd January 2019.

The team also decommissioned and removed all of the outdated technology infrastructure left at Tiger’s previous site, ready to hand back to the landlord.

John Cartwright, Managing Director at Tiger Trailers, said: “Paul and the team have been fantastic support partners for our business. Having a smooth transition into the new facility was paramount for us, and the guys delivered.

“In terms of our IT infrastructure, software and systems, we wanted to give Highstream a clean slate, because they are the experts. Ultimately, we wanted them to deliver us a technology solution that worked across both our manufacturing and office operations both now and in the future.

“It was critical this was all delivered as seamlessly as possible – and the Highstream team worked tirelessly to ensure this happened. We constantly have high volumes of work undertaken at our facility and we’re incredibly pleased with the successful transition of all our IT systems.”

Following completion of the large-scale IT changes, Highstream now continues to work with Tiger Trailers on an ongoing end-user support basis. With continued growth, the current 70-plus members of office staff have access to IT specialists on Highstream’s IT support desk and the team is handling an average of around 100 queries per month.