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New Customer Manager Feature in Office 365

Office 365 Business Premium subscribers now have access to a new feature, Outlook Customer Manager which can help manage customer relationships more effectively.

You don’t need to install or learn new software. You can get a complete view of your interactions with each customer, track tasks and leads and be presented with timely reminders all through your existing Outlook installation.

If you deal with your customers as part of a team, you can share your customer information with your colleagues so everyone is up-to-date.  Absence can be covered effectively as all customer interactions (notes from recent calls, upcoming meeting dates, etc.) across your team are recorded and easily visible within Outlook Customer Manager.

Mobile access to your customer information is available too, via a new iOS app (Android to follow…).

At Highstream, we’re here to help and would be delighted to help you get more from your existing Office 365 subscription. We’d love to help you get more from your existing IT investment – and Office 365 functionality is frequently enhanced, offering business users increased value. Call us to find out more about Outlook Business Manager and how we can help you get up and running quickly.