At Highstream, we work with our customers across a multitude of channels including email and telephone, so we thought it’s about time you learnt a little more about the names behind the team!

Phil is our Technical Projects Manager and has been with us since 2018. We sat down with him to learn more about his role at Highstream…

1. Tell us about your role at Highstream.

I’ve been with Highstream since October 2018 and I work as a Technical Project Manager.

2. What projects/clients do you work on? 

I work on a large variety of projects both large and small. This could be anything from a two or three user Office 365 migration, to moving a customer to a brand new multi-million-pound purpose-built manufacturing site.

3. Tell us about a project that’s been really successful?

All our projects are successful of course! A recent project we’ve worked on was the technical fitting out of a new 168,000 sq. ft manufacturing and office facility. This included the migration of all operational systems from the old to new building over the Christmas period.  This meant the staff left the previous location before the festive period and returned in the new year to the brand-new building and were able to login and work as they did before.

4. What did you study at university/college?

I didn’t actually go to university, I moved straight into the IT industry from sixth form. All my experience has been hands on and I’ve added Microsoft and other IT related qualifications to my portfolio to underpin this knowledge.

5. How did you discover Highstream?

I’ve known our Director, Paul for around 20 years (yes, we’re very old!) and had spoken to him a number of times about Highstream before taking the opportunity to join the team last October.

6. Where do you see Highstream being in the next five years?

I see Highstream being an extremely successful MSP (Management Service Provider), with a continually growing, happy customer base.

7. What’s the Highstream team like?

The Highstream team are all very highly motivated to succeed and provide exceptional customer service to all our users.  We’re a likable bunch too……honestly!

8. Do you have any pets? 

No, two kids are more than enough!

9. What job did you want to do when you were little?

I’m 42 and I still don’t know what I want to do when I grow up……

10. What was your first car?

A Vauxhall Nova SR.

11. Where are you most likely to be found outside of work?

Spending time with my family.

12. How do you take your brew?

Coffee, white, no sugar……I’m sweet enough!

13. What was your first job?

Working for Wrexham ITEC on a joint venture with Manweb, to digitalise all their paper OS records.