IT Infrastructure

On-premises server design & deployment

On-Premises Server Design & Deployment

For many companies, the server room is the ‘nerve centre’ of their business. If you want to maximise your efficiency, working with our experts is imperative.

Bringing IT in-house and deploying on-premises servers can be nerve wracking for SMEs but Highstream will implement an IT Infrastructure which meets your needs without overburdening the business with costs and complexity. We will power, upgrade, cool, maintain and repair your server room.

On-premises servers are ideal for companies who need to maintain a level of control that the cloud cannot. Similarly, for businesses within highly regulated industries, in-house IT Infrastructure can give peace of mind. You will have direct access to the servers and all of the data stored on them.

Core considerations:

We create systems that are able to grow with your business and adapt to technology changes. Neat and ordered cabling can reduce downtime when changes need to be made, whilst labels and documentation help to mitigate risks.

Ceiling height, square footage, weight distribution and air circulation must all be considered when designing a server room.

Server rooms can use a lot of power. We determine how much power is needed and how much power is available.

The key to a successful server design is a thorough plan and we will work with you to understand your challenges so we can help you address them through efficient IT infrastructure.

After the design and deployment of your server room, Highstream will continually monitor elements which could impact its performance such as power, temperature, humidity, and security.

Climate control
The equipment in a server room generates a lot of heat so we pay attention to factors such as humidity, ventilation and temperature, installing air conditioning where required to maintain high performance levels.

Reliable telecoms services are a key component.


What our clients had to say

Forge Property Consultants

“Highstream is efficient, professional and courteous, no IT problem is too big or too small.”

Forge Property Consultants
LCA Group

“Highstream are incredible support partners for our business, creating technology solutions bespoke to us.”

LCA Group
Industrial Truck Services

“Highstream are focused on the needs of its customers rather than just the sale.”

Industrial Truck Services

“Highstream absolutely nailed it for us and continue to be a great support partner for us”

Coda Investments

“Highstream always offer creative but pragmatic advice and never fail to deliver on their promises.”

Coda Investments
Legat Owen

“Highstream completely took the reins with this project – taking the stress away – and have truly delivered for us.”

Legat Owen